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Effect of sodium hyaluronate,High quality sodium hyaluronate

         The role of sodium hyaluronate? Moisturizing effect is the most important role of sodium hyaluronate in cosmetics. Compared with other moisturizers, the relative humidity of the surrounding environment has little effect on its moisturizing effect. The moisturizers commonly used in cosmetics include glycerol, propylene glycol, sorbitol, polyethylene glycol, sodium lactate, pyrrolidone carboxylate, etc. Compared with these humectants, sodium hyaluronate has the highest moisture absorption at low relative humidity (33%) and the lowest moisture absorption at high relative humidity (75%). This unique property is suitable for the moisturizing effect of cosmetics in different seasons and different environmental humidity, such as dry winter and wet summer. The moisture retention of sodium hyaluronate is related to its Mr. the higher the MR, the better the moisture retention. Sodium hyaluronate is rarely used alone as a moisturizer and is often used in combination with other moisturizers.
Sodium hyaluronate
        Sodium hyaluronate is an inherent biological substance of skin, and exogenous sodium hyaluronate is a supplement to endogenous ha of skin. Sodium hyaluronate can penetrate into the skin epidermis, promote the supply of skin nutrition and waste excretion, so as to prevent skin aging and play the role of beauty and beauty. Skin care is more important than other make-up, which has become a modern sense of beauty.
        Repair and prevention of skin damage. Skin burns or sunburn caused by sun exposure, such as redness, blackening and peeling, are mainly caused by ultraviolet rays in the sun. Sodium hyaluronate can promote the regeneration of injured skin by promoting the proliferation and differentiation of epidermal cells and scavenging oxygen free radicals. Prior use also has a certain preventive effect. Its action mechanism is different from that of UV absorbers commonly used in sunscreen. Therefore, HA and UV absorbers are used together in sunscreen and skin care products, which can simultaneously reduce the transmission of UV and repair the skin damage caused by a small amount of UV, playing a dual protective role. The combination of sodium hyaluronate, EGF and heparin can accelerate the regeneration of epidermal cells and make the skin tender, smooth and elastic. When the skin is slightly burned, applying aqueous cosmetics containing sodium hyaluronate on the surface can reduce pain and accelerate the healing of the injured skin.
Sodium hyaluronate
          Lubricity and film-forming property: sodium hyaluronate is a high molecular polymer with strong lubricity and film-forming property. Skin care products containing sodium hyaluronate have obvious lubrication and good hand feel when applied. After being applied to the skin, a film can be formed on the skin surface to make the skin feel smooth and moist, and protect the skin. Hair care products containing HA can form a film on the hair surface, which can moisturize, lubricate, protect hair and eliminate static electricity, making the hair easy to comb, elegant and natural. Thickening, sodium hyaluronate has high viscosity in aqueous solution, 1% of its aqueous solution is gelatinous, and it can play a thickening and stabilizing role in cosmetics.